Naper Grove Vision Care examinations include refraction, eye coordination,
depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision, glaucoma test, cataract
evaluation, and health evaluation. Photographs of internal eye structures
are taken as needed.

Yearly exams are recommended for patients wearing glasses or contact
lenses. People with normal healthy eyes may be seen every two to three
years. Dilated eye exams are essential for people with diabetes, glaucoma,
and many other eye conditions. Children should have their eyes checked before
entering kindergarten; or sooner, during infancy if you suspect something is wrong
or there is a family history of eye problems.

Protect your eyesight and prevent complications! Have you
eyesight checked regularly.

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Illinois Mandates Children Eye Exams
Illinois is now the third state to mandate children's eye exams before entering school.

Children starting kindergarten need a comprehensive eye exam from an optometrist or ophthalmologist before starting school, and if a student moves to Illinois from an outside state, he/she needs an eye exam from an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

The doctors at Naper Grove Vision Care are equipped to deal with children of all ages, and welcome all new patients to our practice.

For more information about this new law, click here.

Parents can complete and bring the Illinois Eye Exam form to us on the day of their child's eye exam.
Click here for the Illinois Eye Exam form.